Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 projects: A Summary

My brain is going through all sorts of hoops due to an upheaval in my personal life.  So I am woefully behind on my posts and documenting my projects.  Today I would like to do a quick wrap up of what projects I've done for 2013.  Thanks to Historic Sew Fortnightly I go a fair amount done.

January 2013
I posted about some small projects that have a big bang around my home... I made a fichu, an 18th Century Cap and I made some repairs to our 18th Century clothes.  I also altered my Regency Corset to be shorter, washed and inventoried a bunch of fabric I inherited from my grandmother's stash and I made a bunch of project/accessory bags.

February 2013
I made panniers... which I've still to wear...

April 2013
I made a hat for pony cart racing, a hoop skirt for Victoria's Alice costume and a bustle pad.

May 2013
I made a quilted petticoat out of a bedspread, a bustle petticoat and several skirts/petticoats for my new bustle dress (the lemon, and the raspberry).

June 2013
All for a bustle dress for the GBACG Tissot Picnic.

July 2013
Here I started sewing in earnest for Costume College, I made a long sleeved chemise.  I also finished my 19th Century Wrapper that I was a pattern tester for!  I also finished my first COMPLETELY HANDSEWN DRESS. (OMG, I didn't think I could ever do that!  I also embellished a reticule to take with me.

August 2013
At Costume College I learned a lot!  I learned to Ferret Hems and to make Fly Fringe (which I used to further embellish my reticule!

September 2013
After meeting Trystan at Costume College I decided to work on her Accessories Challenges and I made Victoria a Regency Tam for the first one. I made two Pelisses (one for Victoria and one for me)

October 2013
I took a break to make some Christmas gifts, and a huswife for myself.  I started working on costumes for Toy Parade (my guild for Dickens Fair)

December 2013
I finished my Queen of Hearts dress (Finally! and after fair started of course) and a fan to go with it...

Just in time for Twelfth Night I made a ball gown bodice for the dress and a belt with a wee crown buckle! Here's a photo as a reward since you were so nice to read all the way through!

My friends and I at the ball.

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