Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hoops - Caged

During a bazaar earlier this year I managed to pick up two old hoop skirts for $20.  So after some investigation I began to take apart this one. While the skirt is nice as you can see it just doesn't fit my more Rubenesque figure.  Also, the other hoops were actually a smaller circumference...

As inspiration, I used these instructions from the Dreamstress...  I also used some photos of cage crinolines... and the circumference of the TV141.  When I finished my cage, I threw the petticoat over it and noticed that I need to shorten it about an inch to be sure it stays under my petticoat - or I can "bag" the two bottom hoops.  Not quite sure which I will choose, but I'm happy.

So while I had a hard time finding info on the progression of the hoop sizes (without purchasing a pattern that is).  I decided that 10 inches would work for me since I only had four hoops.  I also worked from the bottom up.  Dicken's Fair has a requirement that hoops not be more than 110".  So that's where I started.

Keep in mind that my corset cinches me down  6 inches easy.

Also, the notes from the TV pattern note that that particular hoop skirt is 36" in length, so that is how long I made my straps.

I made the waistband large enough to fit me when I'm not corseted... but its drawstring, so will cinch down to the 38" I corset to.

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