Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Costume Build List (Part Deux)

Also known as The UnEnding List of Things to Do, But Make Me Happy So They Are Worth It.


  • Corded Petticoats (3? - one for each of the girls) - down to two!!!
  • Queen of Hearts (Two parts - repair one and make another)
  • Alice Cape - blue with white stripes (note to self - purchase 1' white grosgrain - ~20-30 yards) I axed the trim but it has three beautiful pineapple frogs
  • Alice muff - white rabbit fur of course source at a thrift shop on the way home from CosCo
  • Sash for green stripe regency dress
  • overdress (regency)
  • pelisse
  • curacao
  • Pink Plaid
  • Green Kirtle
  • Chemise -Regency long sleeve
  • 30's Dress (I will commission this one, but I have fabric..)
  • 50's Dress (I commissioned it due to time constraints.)
  • Florentine (not yet finished, but technically wearable)
  • Quilted Petticoat
  • Round Gown
  • Pantalettes (Alice, QoH, and a spare one or two)
  • Pirate shirt (Victoria*)
  • Blue Kirtle (Victoria)
  • Breeches (Charlie)
  • Coat (Charlie) - Actually he should have a couple Victorian, Revolutionary, and Regency
  • Kana (Victoria)
  • Belle Steampunk (Victoria*)
  • Tricorns (cuz pirates amirite?)
  • Blue Dress (Meghan*)
  • Pantalettes (Meghan*)
  • dino corset (Meghan - tudor style*)
  • rapunzel corset (Meghan - 18th century style*)
  • steampunk corset (Meghan - underbust*)
Its not much right?  

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