Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jen's Pelisse, Part One

So I'm using the Sense and Sensibility Spencer/Pelise Pattern to make outerwear for our Tall Ship Adventure.  I've cut out the pattern size based on my corseted measurements.  After fitting it on my dress form (Prof Sprout) - its's WAY to big.  It doesn't help that I cut out the double breasted pattern and want the front edges to kiss and if that was the only difference I wouldn't be frustrated already.  However it is still too big when I fold that back.  Photos below.  At this point I've pinned it in two different ways to see what I will like better.  

These first two photos show the double breasted overlap and how much excess fabric there STILL is...

On the left (which is the wearer's right side) I'm taking the excess out of center front. On the right I'm taking it out of the princess seam.  Right now I'm liking the left side better, but I'm going to try it on to see over my dress etc to make sure I'm not pinning too much out.  On both sides I've taken two inches from the front piece...  Below are more photos showing the pinning.


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