Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's quiet...

...because I'm working on some gifts.  The HSF #23 isn't until November 18th but it put me in mind that I wanted to make most of my gifts for this Holiday season.  Most of what I'm working on won't qualify due to timing, but I have time now while I wait on fabric to arrive...

Upcoming, expect to see winter hats and pelisses for the GBACG Tall Ships Adventure in October and a new Queen of Hearts dress for the HSF Masquerade Challenge and for Dickens (If the costume gods and my Director approve it).  Also, I recently realized that I don't have a period ball gown; so I will be making a regency ball gown out of some green satin-ish fabric.  Also, if the fabric gods are kind I may have enough of the black velvet left over from the QoH dress to make a regency mourning dress...(insert squees here)

I ordered the Regency boots (called the Hartfield) from the American Duchess.  This will be my third pair of shoes from her and I can't say enough good things about them.  I am a 6.5 but buy a half to a full size up so I can use my inserts and wear socks (my silk stockings work fine at only a half size up, so I'm trying a full size up to see if the thicker knitted cotton stockings will do).

I've been finishing up some projects and have decided that the pink and brown plaid dress (Victorian) will need to become a ball gown as I have both a work dress and a wrapper now...

So that's about it!  I'm going to try out Trystan's Accessories Challenge.  It's only once a month (HA!) so it should be manageable... :)

Well, I'm 4 handmade gifts down and several more to go. So off I go "To the Sewing Room!"

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