Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ongoing projects

So on my plate now are the following projects, let's see if I can keep these in the air...

1. Rehearsal for The Wizard of Oz. (the RSC version) Yes, I'm in the ensemble. I play a munchkin, a beautician and a winkie... The show is in May @ Solano Community College. You can go here for more info
2. Trying, trying, trying to finish my victorian corset. Which I'm getting easily distracted from by
3. Making some Regency shirts for a few male friends. And I'm so thankful that I just finished...
4. Dragon Age 2 - the job here is to NOT get sucked in to play another game/alternate endings... /sigh
5. Oh, and did I mention I upped my WOW subscription? Don't know when I'll actually play now, but the point is that I CAN.

The point is that I'm gonna be busy, so if you don't hear from me in a while... see if I'm still alive on twitter...

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